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Pat Berkowitch's Babcock Bears


Slough Creek Outfitters


I offer a complete range of website services:

Deluxe website includes:

Index and About You page; up to 6 pages of photos
of your product or subject; links page; listing on a
minimum of 25 of the top Search Engines; graphics
(background, buttons, bars, logo) custom designed for
you; upload of finished pages to hosting server.

Cost of the host site and domain name (if desired) is extra.
Currently, hosting for a no-ads site ranges from $10 to $20
per month depending on the size needed and volume of traffic generated.

Domain names (.com, .net, .biz, .org, .us) are
currently priced at $16.95 approximately for one year with discounts for multiple years.

I also list your site with rings and link pages appropriate to your site
content. Search engine listings and links are "refreshed" every month.

You, the client, have the final say-so on how your website looks. I will
set up several mock ups of pages with a choice of graphics for you
to select the "look" and mood you want. Once selected, those graphics
will not be used for any other website as long as you are my client.

Changes, updates, additions and deletions of items on your site once
it is up and running are priced at $10.00 per change or $50.00 per hour,
whichever is less. Search engine updates are cost free. I do not charge
a monthly maintenance fee, but prefer to bill you for changes as they are
done. Certain sites with a heavy volume of changes may negotiate a
flat monthly fee for all changes in a 30-day period. This fee may be re-
negotiated periodically if the volume of changes calls for adjustment.


Deluxe website as described above: $500 to $750 depending on size

Starter website, with index, links, about you and 3 pages of pictures: $400

Overhaul of existing site including graphics same as Deluxe or Starter
website charge, depending on the amount of work and number of pages.

Other services offered:

Polishing of an existing site to fix spelling and grammatical errors.
Total overhaul of existing site with spell and grammar checking, to include
new graphics (if desired), search engine listing and appropriate webrings.

Polishing of existing site (spelling & grammar only) $100 to $250 based on size



Wildbearies Website Design does not guarantee that the finished website will produce sales, increase sales, bring in more customers, increase hits from any search engine or otherwise improve the business of the client. Wildbearies Website Design has no control over search engine placement other than to do its best to get the sites it manages spidered on them, to recommend further services which might increase hits and sales, and to do its best to guide its clients in that regard. No further warranty is made nor is any refund of website costs offered in the case of a client's being unhappy with the services of Wildbearies Website Design.



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